Need help figuring out how to get started? Have you ever heard of SCORE?  I think its one of the best kept secrets around.  SCORE is the largest network of volunteer business mentors in the US, it has been a great resource for entrepreneurs since 1964.  This non-profit has chapters all over the country and offers free online workshops and courses on demand covering topics like getting funding, structuring your business, accounting, marketing, etc. If you are just getting started and have more questions than answers, you should check it out.

I love Brené Brown’s works on overcoming shame, resilience and vulnerability. If you haven’t read her books “Daring Greatly” or “Rising Strong”, you definitely should. Check out her resources page here.

Her TED talk on shame was a game changer for me.  If you haven’t see it, check it out here.

I have tried a number of CRMS and the two I like the most are Hubspot, which gets expensive once you graduate beyond the free version, and Nutshell. Nutshell offers unlimited contacts, makes it easy to automate your sales process and  has very easy to use marketing tools. Nutshell is affordable, powerful and easy to use.

I have used this crowdsourcing platform for logo design several times and have not been disappointed in the quality of work that I’ve gotten. If you need affordable design, try it.

This is a great resource that I return to again and again.  You can hire patent lawyers, technical writers, designers, programmers, marketing experts and so much more. You pay by the project or by the hour. This is a platform I return to over and over again for projects.

While I try to avoid comparing sports teams to business teams, this article resonated with me. Pete Carroll is an exceptional coach and he has something to offer business leaders looking to motivate and inspire their teams.  This short Harvard Business School article is work the read – Team Success Starts with the Individual and with Love. Read it here.

Need positive intervention at a very low price?  Sign up for the Daily Om. This is a great place for inspiration, slowing down, looking at the world a different way. Daily emails are free and they have a number of courses that are very inexpensive, averaging $35 – 10 Days of Morning Stretches, Chair Yoga, Reiki Healing, etc.

Don’t miss this TEDx talk from Janine Driver. “Janine Driver is Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) profiler and CEO of BlueStreak Training, an online virtual communications training company, for individuals and businesses to better their lives through sales, body language, detecting deception, interaction styles and decision-making programs.”

The Jason Croft Show – The Emotional Side of Entrepreneurship with special guest Lea Ellermeier.

“How to Motivate Yourself to Change Your Behavior” – Tali Sharot at TEDx Cambridge