Episode 3 – The Lingualcare Story Part III

What’s it like to get a company over the finish line and get a transaction closed? Lea and Wendi talk about what got Lea to the point of being able to sell her company and the nail-biting months between making the decision to sell and closing the deal.

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Episode 2 – The Lingualcare Story Part II

Lea and co-host Wendi McGowan-Ellis’s continue the conversation about Lingualcare, how Lea raised the first investment dollars, managed her family life and kept it all together in the early days of managing her start-up.

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Episode 1 – The Lingualcare Story Part I

Lea and co-host Wendi McGowan-Ellis dive into Lea’s first entrepreneurial venture, Lingualcare, a medical device company she started in 2003 and sold to 3M. Lea goes into detail on how she made the decision to leave her job and start a company.

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